Fan Expo Dallas - May 2014

In May Teresa and I attended Fan Expo Dallas.  We were most excited to get our Walking Dead and Firefly fixes!   David Morrissey (The Governor), Emily Kinney (Beth Greene) and Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon) from The Walking Dead were attending.  Another selling point was nearly the entire cast of FireFly (Nathan Fillion!) in attendance.  

Everything is awesome at Fan Expo Dallas!

Friday we walked the floor and checked out the lay of the land.  There was so much to do, see and, of course, BUY!  We also attended the Rue Morgue ~ Nightmare on Elm Street after party at Trees, which I was really excited about.  Robert Englund was attending and who could pass on a party that Freddy would be haunting?  The whole vibe ended up totally not being our scene though and we ended up leaving pretty early.  The other party goers seemed to be really enjoying the band, but it was not for us at all.

Dean's baby.

Dean's Impala from Supernatural.

Saturday we got up bright and early, donned out TWD gear and headed out to the convention center for a day of celebrity stalking and fangirl-ing.  Let me tell you, if you walk the streets of Dallas carrying a crossbow, knife, bloody axe and severed hand… you’re going to get some looks.  I think some of our fellow DART riders were none too pleased by our appearance on the train, though it seemed pretty clear to me that we were just the pair to have on board should the train suddenly be overrun with costumed zombies.

David Morrissey is the sweetest man to ever hold us at knifepoint.

Opting for Premium passes saved the day for us, because we were able to get pretty great seats for the Michael Rooker and David Morrissey panel.  They were hilarious and clearly had real chemistry together.  Both had lots of lovely stories about filming The Walking Dead and their cast mates.   After the panel we lined up to meet David Morrissey and Emily Kinney.  We had met Michael Rooker twice previously so we didn’t line up for him this time although he’s always crazy and fun.  Emily was every bit as sweet and beautiful as you would expect.  David was so charming and smiled in a way I don’t think the Governor could have ever managed.  Both were well worth the wait and we were so excited to meet them!

Saturday also gave us a Nathan Fillion panel that we happily stood in a monstrous line for.  Again the Premium passes really helped on that front as we were able to queue up ahead of all the general admission fans.  Nathan was so wonderful!  He was hilarious and adorable and handled the overly excited crowd like a pro.  Literally every word out of his mouth had the whole room laughing.  Of course, a lot of the questions were about Firefly and the possibility of it’s return.  Nathan admonished us all for trying to jinx the success of his current project, Castle, with our fantasies of FireFly Season 2.  It was a very entertaining panel and it was a good move for the organizers to give him his own, in addition to the Firefly cast panel on the final day of the con.

We attended the after-party on Saturday and had a blast.  We leisurely enjoyed delicious dinner and drinks before heading over to the party, so unfortunately we arrived pretty late.  We ended up missing a lot of the festivities, but what we did make it in time for was one of the best convention after parties we’ve had the pleasure to attend.  Punk rock karaoke was a big win and the crowd at the party was amazing and super fun.  We had a fantastic time and will definitely attend after parties put on by Dallas Comic Con in the future.  We missed out on a lot fun they had organized because of our late arrival, but it was clear they knew how to throw a party.

Kimchee and Enchiladas represent.

Sunday we headed over a little later because our main interest that day was seeing the Firefly cast panel and then meeting Nathan Fillion.  In retrospect, we should have got up earlier, but we weren’t thinking and didn’t anticipate the size of the crowd for Firefly.  The room was packed for the panel and tons of fans were sitting along the side walls for a chance to see the cast once the seats were full.  The Firefly cast did not disappoint and they were in awe at how many fans had jammed in to see them.  Since Alan Tudyk was not able to attend, Nathan FaceTimed him for the crowd.  At one point the curtain behind the stage started collapsing and Nathan Fillion, in true Captain Tightpants fashion, jumped up and ran over to make sure everyone was OK on and off the stage.  O Captain!  My Captain!  What a guy!

Firefly cast!

Fan Expo Dallas is presented by the good people of Dallas Comic Con and they really know how to show the fans a good time.  We have been to another of their events and had a great experience at both.  We had a fantastic time at Fan Expo Dallas and will definitely attend again.  Thank you Dallas!

Emily Kinney is so cute!