Wizard World New Orleans - February 7-9, 2014

We had an absolute blast at Wizard World New Orleans.  We drove out to see Matt Smith and were thrilled with the whole experience.  Wizard World knows how to show the fans a great time!  There were so many people there to see Matt so the time was quite limited but we were able to get in the front of the line for everything and had a pretty great experience.  I can't complain!

Matt Smith 1.jpg

Highlights of the Matt Smith Q&A:  His favorite animals are the llama, otter, golden eagle and a dog.  One of the TV shows Matt loves to watch is The Walking Dead.  If he could have changed one thing about his Doctor's wardrobe it would be that 11 would wear crazy socks like Matt.  He does not agree that the John Hurt's "War Doctor" makes him number 12, because he loves being 11.  The best moment ever was when a fan asked Matt to do the "giraffe dance" for us and he immediately popped up and went at it full force.  He's such a fantastic guy!

More great pictures of Matt Smith in New Orleans.

We saw tons of great costumes and here are just a few of them.

We are huge fans of The Walking Dead so seeing all of the stars that were at the con was a priority for us as well.


We had the best weekend with great people!

Wizard World Austin - November 22-24, 2013

Teresa and I went to Wizard World Austin in November.    On the first day of the Con we just shopped and checked out everything.  The second day we cosplayed as Marceline and Marshall Lee from Adventure Time.


Here are a few pictures of the great costumes we saw.


On the third day of the Con we cosplayed as Daryl and Glen from The Walking Dead.  We had a great time!