Chevron Houston Marathon - January 15, 2012

When I made the decision to train for a marathon I don't think I realized exactly what I was committing to.  I didn't even comprehend the amount of hours and miles I would be putting in each week.  I am not a morning person and I prefer to spend my weekends without obligation, sleeping as late as possible.  Once training began drinking and going out on Friday nights were a thing of the past.  I found myself crawling into bed at a reasonable hour and setting my alarm for the likes of 4 am on a Saturday to get up and start my long runs before the sun had even thought of coming up yet.  The strange thing is, I loved it all.

I am so grateful to Thomas and Harper for their understanding and support as I took a huge chunk out of our time together for training.  They encouraged me every step of the way and had faith in me even when I would start to doubt myself.

Roughly six months of dedicated marathon training culminated in one of the most accomplished and proud moments of my life.  Really the entire 26.2 miles I was on cloud nine, even with the physical exhaustion, aches and pains.  The adrenaline and endorphins and pure excitement of it all pushed me through to the finish.  Nothing makes me happier than making my family proud and they were all so proud and happy for me on that day.

Harper helping me stretch before the race.

My cheering section.

10k mile marker.

Around 21 miles.

Approaching the finish line.

Official finisher:  5:38:10

Finisher!  Couldn't be happier!