First year with my new love.

This time last year I had never run a step and was getting zero exercise.  I was reading through different training plans online to prepare for my first 5K and was doing my best to not be intimidated by the distance.  I started off with a run/walk training program.  I remember those first runs--hot and sweaty, winded after running a mere two minutes at a time.  It felt good though, and I was determined to be successful in my goal of finishing.

First year of race bibs.

I didn't really count on becoming addicted to the endorphins, the "runner's high" as it is often called, but before long all I could think about was running and racing and meeting more goals.  A year later and I have logged some where in the neighborhood of 600 miles.  I participated in races ranging from 5K to full marathon.  I'm a healthier, more fit and happy person thanks to running.

First year of finisher medals.

I look forward to many more miles and maybe some new distances in the years to come.  Run on!

Proud of Mommy. <3