Rhythm and Blues Half Marathon - February 19, 2012

The Rhythm and Blues Half Marathon and 5K was an inaugural race, so I am going to cut them some slack for some disorganization and poor communication.

The starting line at Sam Houston Park

The event started off with confusion because the race website encouraged you to dress up as your favorite R&B artist for a pre-race costume contest. We dressed up and arrived at the park an hour before the race but there was never any announcement about the costume contest or anything for that matter. The race started late and there was never an update given on when we could expect to start. Suddenly eight minutes after the start time someone blew a horn and everyone looked around confused. Are we supposed to run now??

'Cause this is Thriller, Thriller night.

The weather was beautiful and it was a great day for a long run. The course was a three loop run down Allen Parkway, starting at Sam Houston Park. Overall, a nice course even though you have to repeatedly hit the hills of Allen Parkway; not my favorite. The race highlight per their advertising and website was that bands would line the course to pump you up. The bands were great, but there weren't near as many as I expected. I think everyone was expecting a high energy, party-type atmosphere and it was really pretty quiet on the long stretches in between entertainment.

There also seemed to be a lack of available medical aide. I witnessed a runner injured and in tears being told by the water station "that [they] were just volunteers and couldn't help". Volunteers at aide stations should definitely be told who to call and what to do if someone is hurt and in need of aide. They are volunteering at an aide station after all.

Love the medal!

I struggled through most of the race and I feel like maybe I have just done too much marathon-wise in the last month. I am resigned to give myself a little break to refuel and rest. I definitely don't want to burn myself out or get hurt from trying to do too much. Despite a difficult run I actually managed to get a PR (2:36:02). It wasn't as well as I wanted to do but I am still very pleased. Progress makes me happy! Another bonus, the race medal was pretty damn cool. I'll give you another shot next year R&B Half!

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